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Granite City, Illinois (St. Louis, Missouri)

Mid America..an ok area for visiting, but wouldn’t want to live here. Like everywhere, there’s going to be crime, but here it seems more pronounced. Plus the landscape is pretty flat. But, like I said, visiting is cool!

The town we are staying in, Granite City, is about 14 or so miles from St. Louis, Missouri. Here’s the bridge that takes us from Illinois to Missouri. The Mississippi River separates the two states.

Our state sign pic for Missouri isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s all they had on this stretch of road.

Of course, what many people associate with St. Louis, is the Arch. Actually it’s called the Gateway Arch. We were going to check it out, but there’s a lot of construction going on there. Parking would have been expensive, and there would have been some long walks involved.

We only have one full day here, so we opted for the next best thing in St. Louis. The Anheuser Busch Brewery!

The brewery has free parking and a free tour! We couldn’t pass on a deal like that! Here’s me next to one of the beer wagons that the Clydesdales pull.

And here’s one of the Clydesdales. This one is Scott. They all have their names on top of their stables. We learned that Anheuser Busch has over 100 Clydesdales in different locations.

Here we are during the tour of the brewery. It’s a pretty nice tour and runs about 45 minutes.

On the brewery grounds. The St. Louis location has the most historical buildings of all the other Anheuser Busch breweries. This one is the first and oldest of all the Anheuser Busch breweries. Also, the clock that is behind us is the most photographed of all historical buildings in St. Louis.

After the tour we get to use our free beer token for any of the beers they have on draft in the Biergarten. Here I am with my beer and my honey’s beer. My beer was named “Hoegaarden”. It actually tasted pretty good!

My babe with one of the Clydesdales.

I’m thinking this horse took a liking to my babe!

After the tour, we drove around downtown St. Louis. I’m not a sports fan, but I think this might be a well known stadium.

This looks like a capitol building, but I knew St. Louis wasn’t the capitol. I think it’s an art museum or something. It looks pretty cool though!

Now this is a very interesting statue for sure! We saw this in the downtown area.

Another interesting old building we saw. I can’t figure out what this is. It looks like a very old hotel but it has all these factory type fixtures on top. Whatever it is, it’s abandoned.

I just love wall art. This one is advertising what St. Louis is known for.


A great day for us in St. Louis! We’re working our way south back home slowly but surely. Tomorrow we’ll have a long road trip, headed into Arkansas!

We thank God for our safety and for our blessings every day! We are truly blessed!


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