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Kankakee, Illinois (Chicago)

From Des Moines, Iowa, we headed to Chicago, Illinois. Of course we don’t actually stay in the big cities with our RV; we stay on the outskirts, then drive in with our tow vehicle. The city we’re staying in near Chicago is Kankakee. Kankakee is about an hour south of Chicago and is a fairly large city!

As we entered Illinois. My honey noticed that the second i in Illinois has a profile of Abe Lincoln’s face!

The next day after we got set up in Kankakee we drove into Chicago. We headed to the Navy Pier. Here’s a pic of us coming into the downtown area.

The Navy Pier is an actual pier with shopping and restaurants on the pier. They also have this large ferris wheel and a little carnival on the pier.

Here’s a pic of the Sears Tower, one of the many landmarks of Chicago.

My honey found this little doggie hanging around on the sidewalk. There’s quite a few of these cool German Shepherds all around the downtown area. They’re all painted different colors.

My honey and I in front of the Navy Pier entrance.

Here’s a memorial to all the ship captains in the Navy Pier area.

We walked around downtown a bit after visiting the Navy Pier and saw a few interesting sights. Here’s one of the trains downtown that double as an “L” train and a subway.

I’ve always wanted to drive under the “L” (elevated) train in Chicago. Ever since I saw the car chase scene in the “French Connection”, I’ve been wanting to drive on these roads.

Our first full day in Chicago was rather nice! We ate at a pizza place called “Gino’s East”. We had Chicago deep dish Pizza and it was yummy! We ordered a medium and after we each ate one slice we were full!

On our second full day here we headed into Chicago again. I love this skyline!

Here, we’re getting closer to the downtown area. A lot of pretty cool looking buildings here!

We decided to go to Millennium Park. They have this “bean” thing there that is pretty cool. Plus the park is really nice and near the water. Here’s yours truly at one of the entrances to the park.

This is that “bean” thing I was talking about. It’s very cool! And also pretty popular, as we found out.

Here’s the other side of the “bean” showing a reflection of part of Chicago’s skyline.

Here’s some of Chicago’s buildings behind us as we pose near the “bean”.

We found one of those carnival mirrors and I had to check myself out! Talking about a big bean! My head looks even bigger in the mirror than it already is!

As we were walking through the park we saw this interesting arch. I call this picture “My babe and the arch”.

We walked to this large fountain in Grant park. I didn’t realize until later, but this fountain is the same one that comes out at the beginning of the show, “Love and Marriage”!

Here’s a little subway/train station near the Chicago downtown area.

This is one of two statues by a Croatian sculptor. This one is called the bow man. The other is the spear man and they are minus their weapons so that the viewer can use their imagination.

Here’s my babe next to one of the lions guarding the Chicago Art Museum.

My babe imitating art..

This rectangle with a  face on it is dripping water from the top as the face changes and is looking at another face across the way.

This is the other face..kinda weird! Also water squirts out from the mouth area every so often.

As we were leaving Chicago we saw this bus. Now this is one cool bus!

Again, we had a great day in Chicago. Millennium park was cool and just walking around downtown people watching is pretty interesting also.

We were sure to leave the city before it got dark and one of the reasons we drove into town and paid high parking prices was because we didn’t want to get caught up on the wrong side of town. We almost didn’t come here because of all the crime, but a last minute decision to check it out paid off. The skyline, the energy, the feel of a bustling town..it’s all there when you’re in Chicago.

Tomorrow is moving day and we’ll be headed to St. Louis, Missouri!


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