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Kansas to Omaha, Nebraska, then to Des Moines, Iowa

We’ve been going through the Plains States this last week, and it sure is a lot different than Colorado! Even though we love checking out places we’ve never been, the scenery in Colorado is fantastic and does not compare to open plains and cornfields.

It is an experience though. We’ve never been to Nebraska or Iowa before and now we can put experiences to a state.

I missed posting our Kansas sign on my last post, so here it is. You can see the flatness of the land all around.

Seeing this coming from a distance made me wonder if I was seeing things! I guess this is standard fare on the roads out here in the farm lands. These pics are of our drive from WaKeeney, Kansas to Omaha Nebraska.

I didn’t know that Kansas was the Sunflower State until we visited this time (we have been here before). I did notice though that there are many large fields of nothing but sunflowers, and found that odd…This pic shows how Kansas’ state roads are identified by a Sunflower looking background.

We noticed this Wal-Mart in Kansas really supports their local sports team. Besides all the team clothes and merchandise they sell here, they even have the team mascot prominently displayed on their front wall! We don’t remember ever seeing this before.

We’re out of Kansas and into Nebraska! The same scenery here pretty much as Kansas, but being in Nebraska is a first for both of us!

As a kid I remember watching Marlin Perkin’s “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”. Great show about wildlife, but the name is the only reference I’ve ever had of Omaha for many years. When I saw this building I just had to get a pic! Here’s a pic of the Mutual of Omaha building in Omaha.

Omaha is a nice little town of about 500,000. We took a little drive through the city to see what it was all about.

They have an area of town called the “Old Market”. It’s a nice little area of shops and restaurants.

My honey found this interesting artwork in the Old Market area.

I found this hat in one of the souvenir shops specializing in leather. We like coming into these places just to get good whiffs of that leather smell. I almost bought this hat, but saw the price tag and decided against it.

Seeing this sign made us laugh. There is a character in an old teen comedy movie who called himself “McLovin”. ┬áIt was from the movie “Superbad”, that came out in 2007.

After spending a couple of nights in Omaha, Nebraska we drove to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a short 2 hour drive.

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa. Here’s a pic of the capitol building in the background. On our first night here my honey found that there was a Blue October show in the downtown Des Moines area. We decided to check it out!

I’ve heard of Blue October before, but wouldn’t recognize any of their songs. I’ve been isolated to Classic Rock n Roll music most of my life.

Our seats were not bad! We bought our own folding chairs and it was general admission to a grassy hill area surrounding a stage that was on a river bank. It was a very nice amphitheater and we even found parking right near the entrance!

As it turns out, I like Blue October ok. My honey is the one who likes them and listens to their music. She really likes them a lot. In my opinion, the music was pretty good and the singer’s lyrics are usually about some life event. The music and effects were on point. We had a great time at this concert.

The next day we decided to check out Des Moines in the daylight! We didn’t get to see too much of it last night, and it’s the only semi large city in the area.

We found this sculpture park in the downtown area. Here we are posing next to one of the few unusual sculptures they had here.

Me and my babe at the Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines. I liked that building that’s behind us. It’s a major part of the Des Moines skyline.

Here’s a closer pic of the State Capitol building. It’s got some construction work going on on the dome at the moment.

This building has something to do with the State Judicial System. It’s definitely an old government building.

One of the few murals that we saw on the walls in the downtown area. Interesting!

This is the county courthouse in Des Moines. Besides being the state capitol, Des Moines is also the county seat of Polk County.

My honey trying to mock the rock!

I’m trying to think of the right word, but I just can’t put together the right letters! Too many letters!

This is what the letter guy looks like from a distance..and there’s that tall building again!

This sculpture is from a Japanese artist who called this one the “White Ghost”. This artist is popular for his anime sculptures.

My honey, the ultimate peace maker! Bringing the black snowmen and white snowmen together.

This type of comic book art on buildings is just too cool!

One final look at downtown Des Moines. I like the old “Travelers” sign on top of the building. I haven’t seen that logo since I was a little kid! Des Moines was a nice town, even though we’ve only experienced a little over a day there, it treated us well.

Tomorrow will be a day of driving for us. We’re headed to Chicago and it’s a good 5 hour drive for us. We hadn’t planned on going to Chicago (because of the crime) but we’ve still got a little time before we have to get back to our home in Texas. Plus, we’re not to far from Chicago, and we won’t be doing any night things there.

We have only God to thank for all of our great blessings.


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