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Colorado Springs, Colorado to Wakeeney, Kansas

On our second full day in Colorado Springs, we drove to Cripple Creek. I was referred to this place by a brother of mine, Frank, who used to be stationed in the area. It’s just on the other side of Pike’s Peak from Colorado Springs. This is a pic of us coming into town down from the mountain.

The sign coming into Cripple Creek was pretty nice.

As it turned out, there was a motorcycle rally going on in Cripple Creek. This rally was for veterans. We knew about the rally before we came, but rally’s are cool, so it was a plus for us!

Lots of cool bikes here and patriotic Americans. We’re loving it!

Cause, Merica!

Cripple Creek is in a little valley, but still hilly in areas. This little town retains it’s Old West Culture as an old gold mining town. Here’s my babe on Main Street in downtown Cripple Creek!

Here’s a pic of my babe after we just walked up this big ole hill!

The terrain around Cripple Creek is just beautiful. There’s mountains all around. The drive out there and back to Colorado Springs was very scenic!

Just south of Cripple Creek is a little town called Victor. After that, there’s no where to go except in the mountains on little dirt roads. There’s basically one road in and one road out of this entire area! This is a pic of a Gold Mine area that’s still in operation! It’s on the road between Cripple Creek and Victor.

And we made it to Victor. A nice and very quiet little town.

Victor had many old buildings with the old style writings on them.

Here’s a few more. I know they’re not original, but it’s nice that the town made the effort to repaint these… for old time’s sake!

Like I said, Victor was a very quite town. We saw no one on the streets. We did see this guy though. We’re thinking he’s some kind of Fox.

Even though Victor was a super quiet town, this little sign off the main road made Victor a cool town for me.

As we started to get into the more populated areas after coming back from Cripple Creek, we started to see the vestiges of civilization. Yup, we’re back in a big city!

Another day ends here in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We love this town, even though it’s got it’s quirks, the scenery is just amazing.

On our next full day here in Colorado Springs, it’s Eclipse Day! We drove up Northeast of Denver to get a spot to see a 93 percent coverage of the Sun. Here’s yours truly with a set of our National Parks approved eclipse eyewear.

Here’s my bride checking out the eclipse. It didn’t get too dark here during the 93 percent. It got a little like evening time darkness. We were thinking how amazingly bright the Sun is to keep things lit up here, even though 93 percent of it was covered!

The place we came to view the eclipse is Barr Lake State Park. It’s just northeast of Denver. They have a little nature walk area here that we decided to walk on. I spotted this guy off to the side. He might have been a Copperhead, so I was staying away. My honey on the other hand wanted a closer look! I had to pull her away!

At this park they have this nice boardwalk that goes out onto and over this pond a bit. There’s all kinds of interesting birds out here. Here’s one of them. Some geese in the area were harassing him, and he finally took off.

The insect life out here seems to be pretty friendly. This specimen landed on my honey as we were walking on the nature walk.

Our nature walk had a few parts like this where it was all shady and cool. Here’s my honey posing on the trail in the latest San Antonio attire!

We concluded another great day in Colorado Springs. We only stayed here for four nights, giving us three complete days here. This is our second visit and it seems like were never here enough time! The next day we’re headed to Kansas! Yay! (not really yay, but ok). The scenery is pretty boring there, but it’s something different..

As you can quickly see here, this is not a happy picture! While I was a parked in a Gas Station parking lot, this lady backed into me! This happened just east of Colorado Springs. The lady said right away that she didn’t have insurance and that I ran into her! I told her no way! I thought she was going to book it.

I called the cops for a report and told the lady not to leave. She stayed till the State Patrol Unit got there. It looks like her F250 got the worst of the damage. Thank goodness for my bumper guard! My headlight and fender would have been trashed!

Just minor damage to the passengers side push bumper and to the fender behind my headlight. No motor damage or tire damage thank goodness.

Our little crash held us up for about an hour or so, but we still made it to WaKeeney with plenty of daylight left. Our little abode looks a little lonely here!

Even though we had our mishap on the way here, we’re still very blessed. Things could have been a lot worse! Nobody was hurt and it looked like my truck came out the winner on the damage scale.

Also, the store where it happened had a video tape of the entire incident where it shows the lady backing into me. The officer saw the video and knew for sure what really happened so it all came out for the best.

This little town that we’re in now, WaKeeney, has really nothing here. We drove around it in 5 minutes on our first day here. This stop will give us time to do some laundry and grocery shopping. Plus, we’ll get to see Hays, Kansas, which is 30 miles down the road. We’ll be seeing Hays because Hays has the closest laundromat and Walmart.

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