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Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado..we’re just loving it! ¬†We’re headed to Colorado Springs. We’ve been there before and loved it, so we’re going again to check out whatever we missed last time.

Here’s us, as we’re nearing Denver. Luckily for us the traffic flow was smooth as we drove pretty much through the middle of Denver!

I’m not much of a sports fan, but this stadium looks pretty cool. It’s the Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High. This is where the Denver Broncos play.

And we’ve arrived!

After we set up, we drove through Garden of the Gods. This is a nice area here where the Balancing Rock is.

Here’s a pic of the Balancing Rock itself. You can drive right next to it. One of these days this rock is gonna fall and it’s not gonna be pretty!

Here’s a pic of us the next day as we were headed to Seven Falls. The Seven Falls area was bought out by Broadmoor, so now it has that ritzy feel. Here, we’re in a tram from the parking lot to the Seven Falls area.

Once we walked through the entrance to Seven Falls after paying for our tickets, we saw an elevator in a cave. This looks like something from the movies! It was a cool 50 degrees in here compared to the heat outside.

Coming out of the elevator on to an observation deck, we were met with this awesome sight! This is the Seven Falls.

There’s a list here describing each of the seven falls, and where that area is on the falls.

Of course we had to get our “falls selfie”!

We took the elevator back down and we headed to the bottom of the falls, where we found these comfortable seats with a view!

Here’s us at the bottom of the falls checking it out from a different angle.

The scenery here! Oh, and the natural wonder behind my babe is a sight to behold.

My honey making peace with the natives here..

And this is the Broadmoor Hotel. The grounds all around this area are pretty nice! The falls are just down the road from here.

After leaving the Seven Falls area, we headed to Manitou Springs. This is the clock that they have in the town square area.

They have these comfortable chairs that are at street corner intersections. Here I had to give this one the comfort test.

We saw this cool mural that was on a wall in Manitou Springs.

We found this nice place where we had a good meal and some local Craft Beers. I had a “Flat Tire”, a pale ale that’s local here, and it was quite good!

And here we are again in Old Colorado City. Our base of operations while here in Colorado Springs. This place is very close to a lot of the attractions in the area so it’s a recommended stop!




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